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The purpose of K’Motion is to encourage and equip kids to be Christian leaders right now by bringing the Word to the World through Worship. K’Motion is a Wednesday night program designed for kids in Kindergarten thru 5th grade from 6-7pm.  


Kids who participate in K’Motion will learn the “motions” to the worship songs incorporated on the weekends and will be invited to participate on the praise team each weekend during the Met Kids Explore/Extreme service of their choice. K’Motion will also teach kids basic leadership skills through scripture memory, group discussion, and interactive games. 

When kids put their faith in motion, the affect is “commotion,” or in our case “k’motion.” It was said of the apostles in Acts 17 that they caused a stirring among the people and that their active faith in Jesus was responsible for turning the world upside down. When kids worship with their lives it leaves an unmistakable wake in their paths. They too will create a stirring among their friends and family that points to Jesus.

Register now or download a registration form that may be printed and emailed to or returned to Met Kids. New registration required yearly.

K'Motion T-Shirts

K'Motion t-shirts are available in heathered blue, white and red.  Shirts are $15 each.  

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*Shirts are NOT required to participate in K'Motion. 


The Winter/Spring semester for K’Motion begins on Wednesday, January 10 and concludes on Wednesday, May 23.  The Wednesday night K’Motion program will take a break during Spring Break (March 14) and through the summer (May 30 - August 15).