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If you want to make a lasting impact in the next generation of Christian leaders, then Met Youth is a great place to start. Met Youth offers many volunteer roles that are different in function but equally contribute to one common purpose: building up students with a faith that lasts. 

Whether you want to lead a small group, serve on the hospitality, tech, check-in, or worship team; Met Youth has a place for you! For more info, please contact

Serving Opportunities

Life Group Leader – lead a small group of students by mentoring them, meeting with them, and modeling for them. A small group leader mentors a group of students by developing community in a Life Group on the weekends. Group leaders meet with their group of students each week at the Wednesday Experience in Met Youth as well as by periodically attending student events on and off campus. Group Leaders model for their students a life that seeks to honor God in all things.

Host Home – provide an inviting space in your home for a High School Life Group to develop community and discover practical application to biblical concepts shared at the Wednesday Night Experience in Met Youth.

Host Team – welcome and assist students at check-in to foster an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

Tech operator – execute the technical aspects of the worship service: lighting, sound, video, etc. Little to no technical experience is required. We will provide the training and tools to help you succeed. 

Worship – lead worship on the praise team. A vocal audition is required prior to entry.

Band – play an instrument with the band during the worship services. An audition is required prior to entry. 


We encourage our students to serve in ministry on and off campus. Service opportunities include preschool, puppets, elementary, tech, worship, band, and youth in select cases.