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Uganda Mom Village

Uganda Met Mom Village


Mission Statement

Met Mom Village exists to provide shelter and a place to belong for single mothers and widows of children for God Cares Schools. Through providing the essential needs of life we hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus so all the women who enter will feel God’s overwhelming love and unsurpassable hope.

The Story

The Met Mom Village was conceived on the 2016 Met Mission Trip after visiting homes where some of the children live.  We saw the desperate situation a mother was living in while working 18 hour days to provide an 8’x8’ tin “house” for her 4 children. Pastor Mary Walls began to talk to one of the Dongo children, Worship, asking what The Met could do to help. Worship began to describe her vision of single mothers living and working in a safe place while in a community of women supporting one another. With the help of some generous donations, The Met was able to purchase the land behind The God Cares High School to fulfill this vision, and begin building apartments as halfway homes where women can live, learn a trade, and learn to support themselves and their families.  

Steps until completion:
Purchase the land- complete
Plans for the structure- complete
City license and approval- complete
Clear the land
First story
Second story

Cost of Mom Village:
Overall Cost: $250,000

How to Support

Any donations to Mom Village are appreciated but if you would like to give toward a specific project the following are needs for completion.

  • Foundation: $60,000
  • Each floor with 7 apartments per floor will cost: $ 20,000
  • Each apartment of 2 rooms will cost: $3,000
  • 1 door: $500
  • 1 Window: $200

*All donations will be tax deductible