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Fixer Upper

Pastor Bill RamseyFixer Upper01/14/18

This series is based on a very popular TV show called “Fixer Upper,” which takes the idea of restoring, remodeling, and renewing a home that has been neglected and is in disrepair.  What a great description of many of our lives! Even if we feel like we’re doing well in most areas of our lives, there’s probably at least one area that we have neglected or allowed to become run down.  It could be in the area of our health, or our marriage, or in our relationships with children or friends.  It could be in the area of our physical fitness, our finances, and we have probably all neglected to grow in our Spiritual lives as much as we could.  During this series, we’re going to be studying about two great leaders who worked on two of the most important Fixer Upper projects in the world. 

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