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Met Church Pre-marital Program

We are excited that you and your significant other are considering marriage and we would like to assist you as you begin the premarital process. Please read through the steps described below and contact us at if you have any questions. 

1. Register online at least 2 months before your wedding date.

Our Premarital program is designed for engaged couples seriously considering marriage. The Premarital Curriculum will have videos you will watch together and a workbook you will be required to complete. 

Each couple will complete a Family History Analysis that will describe their parent’s history, religious background, personalities and how they communicated. Each couple will also do an online Couples Check-up that will evaluate 20 different aspects of your relationship and provide information to get you talking and thinking together about how to take steps to grow both as individuals and as a couple. 

We will do our best to provide premarital counseling for all couples, but priority will go to those couples that are members of The Met Church.

2. You will be contacted by Met staff to meet and go over the Premarital Program.

During this step you will receive your materials and will correspond with a Met Pastor to set meeting dates for the rest of the program. Couples will meet three times with a Met Pastor who will go over homework and provide an objective focus on critical relationship issues, as well as any topics the engaged couple would like to discuss. 

Prior to your first Pre-Marital Counseling Meeting you will need to pick-up the following materials at the church and order your checkup online:

  • Family History Analysis
  • DVD’s
  • Member Books
  • Order Couple’s Check-up Online

The cost involved is $60 per couple. This includes 2 workbooks, a Family History Analysis and the Online Couples Checkup. The Met’s Premarital program has passed the requirements of Twogether in Texas and all couples who complete the class will be eligible to save $60 off of their Texas marriage license fees.  Please let us know if you prefer to receive a certificate upon completion of the class.

3. Begin the Counseling Process with a Met Church Pastor.

First Meeting:

  • Session 1: Marital Expectations
  • Session 2: Communication and Emotional Intimacy
  • Session 3: Personality Differences
  • Discuss completed Family History Analysis

Second Meeting:

  • Session 4: Conflict Resolution
  • Session 5: Spiritual Intimacy
  • Discuss completed Couple’s Check-up

Third Meeting:

  • Session 6: Relating with Money Part 1
  • Session 7: Relating with Money Part 2
  • Session 8: Sexual Intimacy

After the last session your information will be entered into the TwoToGether for Texas website and you will receive your certificate in about 2 weeks for the discount of $60 off your Marriage License.